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Grottapescoluse are key ingredients of joy and fire. And this is the task of our team of staff who will brighten your evenings offering different solutions.

Shows and plays excellently stages into the amphitheater in the village has alternate with games, theme parties and comedy that will involve children and adults.


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If your intent is to unleash yourself in the dance, than we will think of our music deejay to create the necessary atmosphere. What you breathe in the sweet summer evening in Grottapescoluse is a festive air that makes you discover the wonderful world of Salento nights where the thin line between illusion and really vanishes and where everything you’ve always hoped to find you have at hand.



A team of experienced animators will brighten, your days with many activities:

  • sports entertainment, muscle toning, free exercises;
  • water aerobics, group classes, aerobics, step, group dances;
  • card tournaments, table games, volleyball, table tennis, beach volleyball, canoeing, cling service;
  • Using individual day of sports fields and facilities;
  • Piano bar;